Showroomdummies #4






A dazzling, inspiring experience woven by mannequins and humans
A new repertory performance created by the virtuoso Gisèle Vienne

Gisèle Vienne is an artist who embodies the very cutting edge of the performing arts in France. Conjuring beautiful yet dangerous worlds with the puppets she makes herself, she here recreates her major work, “Showroomdummies,” which she first staged in collaboration with Etienne Bideau-Rey early on in her career, as part of the ROHM Theatre Kyoto’s repertory. Inspired by Sacher-Masoch’s novel “Venus in Furs” and continually staged and developed by Vienne around the world ever since its premiere in 2001, “Showroomdummies” brings the live bodies of dancers together onstage with mannequins, exploring the very essence of eroticism and fetishism. The premiere of this latest version uses an entirely female cast for the first time. It is performed by six dancers, who unravel a portrait of desire and pleasure that transcends gender issues.

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